About LTAV

LTAV – meeting the needs of laboratory technical staff for over 20 years.

LTAV Inc. is the professional association for all laboratory technicians in schools and tertiary institutions in Victoria. Registered in 2007 as an incorporated body, the association aims to provide support and professional development in many different ways.

LTAV provides a forum whereby we can exchange ideas, find out about new developments in industry and education, learn new skills and solve practical problems. We meet in Regional groups several times a year and annually at our Statewide Conference in November.

Information and news are publicised through LTAV’s journal “Lablines”. Click here to see recent issues.

About LTAV

LTAV is the premier association for laboratory technical staff in Victoria.

The purposes of the association are:

  • To promote the work of Laboratory Technicians in the Science Departments of educational institutions in Victoria as a profession;
  • To establish policies relating to best practice in the carrying out of this profession;
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas among members of this profession;
  • By working with other organisations with an interest in Science Education, to promote best practice in science education;
  • To facilitate the professional development of our members;
  • To promote contact with members of our profession outside Victoria;
  • To provide resources and aids to members of the profession in carrying out their work.”

The Association provides professional development for laboratory technicians including LABCON, our statewide conference held in November each year.

LTAV regions conduct meetings where information on various areas of our work are discussed and presented. Meetings include demonstrations, guest speakers, discussion forums and always an opportunity to chat with each other.

The LTAV list-serv is vital and well-used for the exchange of information between members and is a forum for problem solving on a day to day basis.

LTAV Constitution

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